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Swiftec V1 7 7l [March-2022]




 . .Q: Fluent NHibernate: How to map a class with a Composite ID Using the fluent NHibernate mapping approach (lots of configuration classes for mappings) I'm trying to map a class that contains a composite ID (GUID) property. The code below should work but doesn't. If I replace the type for UserObject with a Guid instead of a Guid? I can't get the composite property to save. Thanks for your help! public class UserObjectMap : ClassMap { public UserObjectMap() { Schema("dbo"); Id(x => x.ID).GeneratedBy.GuidComb(); Map(x => x.UserObjectType); HasMany(x => x.UserObjects) .KeyColumn("ID") .ForeignKeyConstraintName("FK_UserObjects_ID"); References(x => x.User).ForeignKeyConstraintName("FK_UserObjects_ID"); //Can't get this to work either - UserObjectType is a Guid? References(x => x.UserObjectType).ForeignKeyConstraintName("FK_UserObjects_ID"); } } A: You are right about composite-primary key, but you must configure references as follows: References(x => x.User).ForeignKeyConstraintName("FK_UserObjects_ID"); References(x => x.UserObjectType).ForeignKeyConstraintName("FK_UserObjects_ID"); And also, you need to generate the composite primary key before persisting the domain entity, so you must configure one-to-one and one-to-many in an one-time-event for the save action. If you configure it in the class-level mapping, NHibernate will not track the entities that reference the domain entity to add the foreign key constraints. FRIDAY, Jan. 11




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Swiftec V1 7 7l [March-2022]

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